Thursday, 1 July 2010


Is'nt it hot today?, much as i love to see the sun for us knitters it plays havoc with our crafting!.
I have run out of white dk that i needed to finsh off the crochet baby blanket i'm crocheting for my nephew due this month!! but what with a ill child i have'nt been able to get out to get some.
So i decided in my strange wisdom to knit a scarf, i'm trying out cable knitting for the first time and i thought a scarf would give me enough scope to get it right, because i want to knit my sister a bag and matching purse for her birthday on the 17th of august.
If anyone has any tips they would like to pass on then i would be most grateful!.
I'm toying with the idea of sending out a newletter with shop updates but unsure whether people would like this?, i could have one for my etsy shop and one for my folksy shop or maybe one with both shops on would be best??.
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