Monday, 28 June 2010


Welcome to my blog.
I hope you will enjoy reading about the wierd and wonderful world of craft as i see it, i hope to feature some fellow crafters just to showcase to the world the wealth of talent we have here in the uk.
Me myself i knit, simple statement for something that takes over my life!, i have to knit every day simply put i am a knitting addict!.
My aim in life is to prove that anything can be knitted and i have proved this with some custom work in the past.
I am open to custom work just message me or just take a look in my shop which at the moment has 10% off til the 1st of july!.
I also have a etsy shop under a different name for those who like to buy in dollars
And i have just found out i have been included in a etsy treasury for the first time ever!!!
How cool is that!!!.
Well i hope you will stay with me on this journey which i'm sure will have loads of twists and turns.

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